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J. M. Sells Law is an Ohio tax law firm focused on helping individuals and small businesses resolve their tax obligations with the Internal Revenue Service and state of Ohio. Unlike other tax resolution firms – which rarely have an Ohio tax lawyer on staff – our strategic edge lies in our ability to leverage our courtroom experience against unduly burdensome IRS findings. With decades of experience navigating the unique complexities of domestic and local tax law, our firm helps clients defend against and negotiate fair and manageable tax resolutions. We’re committed to offering transparent, affordable and efficient guidance to clients facing a number of IRS obligations.

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As knowledgeable and experienced Ohio lawyers, tax law specialists and former small business owners and entrepreneurs, we uniquely understand the importance of resolving burdensome IRS tax obligations. We’re focused on providing quality legal counsel that helps our clients navigate IRS issues while saving them thousands of dollars in IRS obligations. Our services are focused on resolving our clients’ obligations while considering how we can further their ultimate business objectives. With extensive local expertise, we assist clients with both Ohio and federal tax law.

IRS Tax Resolutions

We counsel individuals and small businesses faced with mounting IRS debt and assist them in negotiating and resolving their obligations in a manageable manner. Our representation includes evaluating your total tax debt and exploring possible options for settlement.

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IRS Audits & Appeals

IRS audits can be very daunting, and it is important to work with a knowledgeable Ohio tax lawyer who can oversee the process while minimizing agency overreach. Our attorneys are equipped to alleviate the stress and burden of these complex requests.

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Completing IRS Forms

Properly completing your IRS forms ensures that your tax obligations are formulated advantageously for your business. Whether you’re an individual, solopreneur or small business owner, an Ohio tax attorney from our firm can help you understand the complexities involved in IRS tax forms, including voluntary disclosures, business elections, international forms, and more.

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Business Tax Planning

Organizations require a sound tax strategy that minimizes their overall debt while planning for future growth. As former entrepreneurs, we are experienced in creating and implementing business tax plans that consider our clients’ ultimate business objectives. We particularly understand the tax implications of buying and selling a small business.

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Ohio Tax Help

Facing Ohio tax issues? CAT? Sales & Use? Income Tax? State Audit? Struggling to resolve tax disputes? Our Ohio tax attorneys are experienced in dealing with any number of questions or concerns you’re facing.

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Every Ohio Tax Lawyer at Our Firm Has a Strategic Edge

We pride ourselves in offering fair, transparent and affordable pricing for our clients. Unlike most tax law firms, we offer up-front, flat fees that are agreed upon at the outset of representation. As efficient and experienced Ohio tax attorneys, our fees are often offset in cost savings to our clients. We accept check, credit/debit card, ACH, and offer affordable financing options.

Working with an Ohio tax lawyer allows our clients to leverage our extensive experience to ensure a favorable resolution is reached between the IRS and our client. When our clients’ issues cannot be resolved, we are able to file a legal claim within the federal court system. Our ability to do so offers our clients’ important negotiating power and usually ensures that a fair and favorable outcome can be reached.

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