Why Pick JMS Tax Law?

Why Pick JMS Tax Law (J. M. Sells Law)?  Because We Fix Tax Relief Problems!

Why pick JMS tax law? That’s a great question. It’s a simple answer too.

In a nutshell, you have a tax problem. We have a tax solution. Question answered.

JMS Tax Law provides the tax relief you deserve!

But there are some other great reasons you should trust us to fix your tax problem.

  • Money Back Guarantee. Did you know we’re one of the only Ohio tax lawyer that will guarantee results? No, we’re not crazy. We’re just really good at what we do. Seriously. We’re the best.
  • Local – we are in Ohio – like really – not virtually – not sometime – we are literal tax attorneys in Ohio (seriously – right now, we are probably complaining about the Browns or wishing the Reds would have made it)
  • Licensed – yes, a real live tax attorney (Joshua Sells) will handle your tax relief case. We have a team of tax professionals that only do tax – like all day long – we even dream about it (sometimes)
  • We’re affordable (not cheap – I am a tax lawyer, after all). We’re certainly not the most expensive either . . . but we are the best at what we do. (Google us, seriously)
  • JMS Tax Law is one of the only Ohio tax law firm that offers interest-free payment plans for legal fees.
  • We get results. Real results. Like all the time. How does a high IRS Offer in Compromise success rate sound? Seriously. We’re one of the best. Okay, for the guy in the back row asking about which ones we lost . . . we had a case where our client “forgot” to tell us they had owned property loan-free in Georgetown. It is hard to settle when you have a second loan-free home . . . the IRS knows – they always know.JMS Tax Law is the Tax Lawyer you need for your tax relief

Click the button to get on the phone with an Ohio tax lawyer. Let’s at least have a phone conversation.

Okay, so what else can we say to convince you? How about right from the mouths of some of our Ohio tax relief clients? Check out this video of some of our JMS Tax Law firm clients! But remember, prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

JMS Tax Law Client Testimonials

Not yet convinced that we are the best at fixing your tax problem? How about some actual case results worked by an Ohio tax lawyer?

  • Jeff and Lorrain (from Columbus) settled an IRS back tax of $129,000 for only $6,600 through the IRS Offer in Compromise program. With three kids in the house and a monthly income of around $7,000, this wonderful middle-class family got a fresh start and removed IRS tax liens.
  • Brian (from Eastlake) settled a whopping $6,700,000 IRS back tax balance for $49,000. A middle-aged business owner, he thought he would never get out from under the weight of the IRS and the huge wage garnishment they had slapped at him.
  • Gabe (from Cincinnatti) was losing sleep over an Ohio sales tax balance of $72,000 (and he had never even made a sale under his now defunct vendor’s license). We resolved it with the Attorney General and Special Counsel for $0. Gabe sleeps like a baby now.
We could go on and on. JMS Tax Law has thousands of stories just like this. 

We are one of the best local and licensed Ohio tax law firm out there. We have a money-back guarantee, affordable interest-free legal fee payment plans, and a high success rate. 

What’s holding you back? Let’s get your tax problem solved today! Talk to an Ohio Tax Lawyer today about your tax relief case.

Request a free case analysis today.

Always free. Never any obligation.

Talk to an Ohio Tax Attorney today to determine your best options

“No one will get you results like JMS Tax Law. No one. I guarantee it. We have settled over $14,000,000 in taxes with a 99% success rate.”

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What JMS Tax Law Does?

  • IRS & Ohio Tax Relief
  • IRS & Ohio Offer in Compromise Settlements
  • Ohio CAT & Sales Tax Resolution
  • Ohio Attorney General & Special Counsel Representation
  • IRS & Ohio Tax Lien Resolution
  • Wage Garnishments & Levies
  • IRS & Ohio Audits
  • IRS & Ohio Penalty Abatements
  • Innocent Spouse Claims

Tax Lawyer Joshua Sells

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J. M. Sells Law, Ltd. BBB Business Review

Schedule your free phone consultation today to discuss how you can get immediate relief from your Ohio or IRS tax situation. JMS Tax Law is a premier Ohio Tax Law firm serving all locations in Ohio.

Our Process

Free Case Analysis

1-3 Days
Just because you owe tax doesn’t mean you should pay that amount in full. There’s a lot of tax relief options when facing crippling tax debt. As a proven Ohio tax attorney, we don’t charge for a free case analysis to give you options.

Free Case Analysis

1-3 Days
Just because you owe tax doesn’t mean you should pay that amount in full. There’s a lot of tax relief options when facing crippling tax debt. As a proven Ohio tax attorney, we don’t charge for a free case analysis to give you options.

Tax Resolution

2-4 Months
Your Ohio tax attorney will defend you against the government. With decades of experience navigating the complexities of tax law, your Ohio tax attorney will negotiate a manageable tax resolution – saving you thousands.

Tax Freedom

4-6 Months
Working with an Ohio tax lawyer allows you to leverage our extensive experience and negotiating power to get the best possible tax solution. You’ll have the IRS or State off of your back for good when we close your case!

Our Practice Areas

IRS & Ohio Back Tax

Get Free from Ohio & IRS Back Tax Balances!

If you (or your business) owe money to the IRS or state of Ohio, we can remove penalties or even do a settlement. You have a lot of options.

IRS or Ohio Audit Representation

Get Representation During Tax Audits

The government has attorneys representing its interest. You need an Ohio tax lawyer to represent your interests during an Ohio or IRS tax audit.

Payroll Tax & Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Get On Track With Payroll Taxes & the TFRP

Payroll taxes are the number one target of the government. We can get your payroll on track and avoid Trust Fund personal liability.

Remove Tax Liens & Stop Wage Garnishment

Stop wage garnishments and remove tax liens

If the government has garnished your wages or filed a tax lien against you, we can stop the garnishments and remove the tax lien.

Ohio CAT & Sales Tax

Stop Old CAT and Sales & Use Tax Collections

Maybe it’s been years since you’ve been in business but you are getting CAT and Sales & Use tax collection notices. We can stop those in their tracks.

Filing & Amending Tax Returns

Get Current & Compliant With Tax Filings

Have delinquent returns or need to amend a previously filed return? We are a full-service tax law firm and can handle that.

Guaranteed Results. Trusted. Local.

High Success Rate

As a local and licensed Ohio tax attorney, you know you will get results. We shoot straight and will tell you exactly what to expect.

Low Flat Rates

We have extensive experience and can tell you precisely what your flat rate legal fees will be for the best tax resolution.

Money Back Guarantee

If we don’t get the resolution that we tell you we can get, we will refund your entire legal fee – how’s the for a guarantee?

Local & Licensed

Josh is a real licensed Ohio tax attorney with a real Ohio office – local to where you live and work. Don’t fall for out-of-state scams.

Real Clients. Real Results.

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Andrew and Stacy Paid $0 to the IRS

We got them on a Financial Hardship with the IRS and they didn’t have to pay anything back. We also got a $200 wage garnishment released.

Services Image

Wayne Saved $13,000

We did an IRS penalty abatement for Wayne and removed $13,000 in penalties. We also released a $4,000 bank levy.

Services Image

Jeff and Lorrain Settled $129,000 for only $6,600

We were able to do an IRS offer in compromise for $6,600 for their $129,000 total back tax debt!

Services Image

Brian Settled $6.7M for $49,000

Brian had a wage garnishment that we released and we successfully settled his multi-million dollar IRS back tax for a fraction of what he owed.

Services Image

Michelle Settled $77,000 with only $750 to the IRS

We were able to settle Michelle’s back tax of $77,000 with only $750 to the IRS. We were able to remove the tax lien too.

Services Image

Negotiated a State of Ohio Tax Case

We were able to negotiate a state of Ohio back tax case and get Don and Sue in compliance with the state.

Jirom Micael
Jirom Micael
JM Sells Law really helped me with my tax case and ended up getting it closed very shortly after taking my case. The lawyers and staff are very responsive and hands on and I would definitely recommend them as well as work with them again! Thank you JM Sells Law for saving me and getting my case closed!
Anthony Riehle
Anthony Riehle
I called Josh and explained my problem he gave me a fair price and as soon as I signed the paperwork they got to work. Exactly what was promised was delivered and no unexpected expenses.
Robert Chubb
Robert Chubb
Josh and the Team stayed in Regular contact throughout the whole process. If there were any documents needed they walked me through step by step. They were honest and straightforward and I am happy to say they saved me tens of thousands of dollars through my Settlement with the IRS.
Martin Hill
Martin Hill
First time I've used legal help, they made me feel comfortable and kept me in the loop of the process as things happened, very professional. I'm very satisfied with the results I received. I highly recommend using them.
Michael Curry
Michael Curry
I recently contacted the JMSells team for help with hefty IRS back tax issues. Brad in the office was level headed and listened to me panic patiently. He scheduled a phone consult with Josh and pulled all the needed documents from the IRS in advance of the scheduled call. On the morning of the call he emailed to advise me that my +/- $28,000 back tax, penalty and interest assessment had aged off my account because of my less-than-skillful ignorant neglect. I have not had such liberating news in half a lifetime. (He also provided the ledgers from the IRS) The call with Josh was not needed. I thanked the team and went on with my life, far less burdened. I whole-heartedly recommend the JM Sells team despite not having officially engaged their services. They won’t try to create fear, and will always take the steady, seasoned approach. You will be treated respectfully and will be kept in the loop. Lots of tacky tax “fixers” out on the wild web, but few with the class act of JM Sells. If I ever need help again, I know where I’ll turn. There is a reason they have 4.9 stars on Google Reviews. They earned them.
John Anderson
John Anderson
Outstanding job discussed my unique case they went back 15 years got all docs and went over options all were great and got 12k that IRS claimed written entirely off entirely . Thank you again!!!
R. Varney
R. Varney
He got started on my case and it took about 4 months for him to get the IRS to agree that most of my tax debt should have been zeroed out. That was an amazing feeling getting that notice that they had agreed. I wasn’t worried though because Josh said he could appeal their decision if I had to – and he wouldn’t charge extra for that!
Jill C. Abeyta
Jill C. Abeyta
Josh gave me a very fair price and even allowed me to make payments on it. Josh wasn’t the cheapest, but he wasn’t the most expensive I’ve seen either. But he was really fair with his price – and that he would let me make payments was awesome.
Theresa Hicks
Theresa Hicks
When I had my call with Josh, they had already pulled my IRS stuff and were able to give me a full recommendation for how I should handle my IRS tax. I didn’t even know this but from his work on looking at my files, he found out that most of my IRS tax debt should have already been zeroed out. Josh said that it was over the statute of limitations which is like 10 years from the tax or something like that.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Join 100's of Ohio clients who have saved over $14M in taxes by working with J. M. Sells Law.

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